3 Natural Ways To Deal With Spring Sinus Pain

If you are dealing with sinus pain this spring, here are a few natural ways you can relieve the pressure and get back to feeling your very best again.

#1 Get Some Humidity

One of the first things that you can do is increase the humidity around you. When you are dealing with sinus pain, you are also generally dealing with mucus in your body. This mucus can easily get dry inside of your nasal passages, thus exacerbating the issue by not allowing your sinus to drain properly.

To increase the humidity around you, you can run a humidifier in your house. You may also want to take some nice, hot steamy showers to open up your sinus or use a small humidifying machine that you can pick up in your local pharmacy. You can even get a little humidity and steam from a nice cup of hot tea.

#2 Use Cold & Hot Compress

Another way to fight back against sinus pain is by opening up your nasal passages. A great way to do that is using hot and cold compresses. Just take a washcloth and run it under some hot water, wring it out and put it over your nose and sinus passages for a couple of minutes, then take off the hot washcloth and put a cold washcloth on the same place for about a minute. Alternate between the two wash clothes for a couple of minutes. This should help open up your sinus and relieve some pressure and pain. 

Do this a couple of times a day to relieve pressure and open up your sinus. 

#3 Eat Some Spicy Food

You can also open up your sinuses by changing up your diet. This is really easy to do; you just need to add more spices to your food. You can eat food that is naturally spicy, such as thai curry, or you can add a dash of spiciness to your normal food, through a dash of Siriracha or another type of hot sauce.

Eating hot foods is a great and easy way to open up your sinuses. It can open up your sinuses while you eat, and even for a couple of hours after you eat. If you can handle the heat, just add a little spice to each of your meals to keep your sinuses open throughout the day. 

You can deal with your sinus pain in a lot of different ways. Increasing humidity, using hot and cold compresses and eating spicy foods are three easy and natural ways you can relieve your sinus pressure